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Welcome to NRI Services of Right Investment Solutions
Ever wished, you could  get these done with just a phone call  or an E Mail ?
Our Concept
We provide a wide range of services required by NRIs. Every service is of utmost quality and value. The services are supported by stringent backend evaluation to ensure best-in-class levels of service.
We provide all the services mentioned  here which  you require in India. Our services are through professionals having expertise in the particular area of service. If you do not find your task listed, kindly go ahead and place your request to us, with complete details and we should be able to handle it.
Kindly select the service required from the drop box, mail to us your specific requirement along with your contact details.

Legal Services

1. Find a Lawyer
This is very handy when you are searching for a reliable lawyer to handle your important litigations. This useful and dependable service aims at facilitating you or your beneficiary in finding reputed service providers to meet their litigation needs in your hometown. Based on your requirement, we will make arrangements for reputed and competent legal consultants specializing in your specific type of case.
2. Legal Opinion Facilitation
NRIs seeking reliable legal counsel in India for themselves or their dear ones in India may take advantage from our legal opinion facilitation service in India. Under this service, NRIs may request facilitation for legal opinion in matters relating to the laws and regulations of India. Upon receiving your request for legal opinion facilitation service, we will forward your queries to reputed lawyers having experience in handling similar / your specific legal cases.

Disclaimer: Recipients of this Legal opinion / information shall not rely solely on the information provided herein and further are advised not to act upon it without consulting his/ her legal counsel, as individual circumstances and facts vary.
3. Follow up of cases
All your existing / ongoing cases will be systematically followed up with your lawyer/ Legal consultant at regular intervals or as required by you and the updated information will be passed on to you .

Financial Services

India is one of the fastest growing economies and is a lucrative investment destination. The country has undergone a paradigm shift. There have been several encouraging developments in the economy and government policies, thereby improving outlook on business and industry. To help you reap the benefits of India’s growth story, we offer diversified investment opportunities to suit your risk appetite and future needs.
Our financial services will give you access to all the services listed below. All investors are not alike. Their investment motives and risk levels are different and may not know all the principles of good investment. They may require the assistance to analyze objectively and to get the future financial needs identified. The usual concerns of an investor are return on investment, safety of investment, liquidity, Tax advantages and ease of transaction with service providers.
You can consult us in all your financial matters relating to Investment, Tax & Insurance and banking requirements.
Taxation , Filing IT returns, Attending to IT Notices,
 Arranging Lawyer / Legal Opinion
Wealth Management
Investment Management
Portfolio Management
Fixed Deposits 
Demat of Shares
Mutual FundsService of Existing Funds / Investments

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